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8/7/2022 7:27:46 AM

Onslaught Recruiting - Chill UK/EU | Endgame Clan

At Onslaught we are a patient clan made up of Veterans and New Light players. We play to have a laugh, make new connections and get content done. We have experience in all content such as; •PVP - IB, Comp, Trials etc. •PVE - Legend/Master Raids, GM's NFs etc. - We aim to get all activities completed. - We expect everybody to get involved by joining chats, posting, joining events etc in our discord server. - Normally activite between 8pm- midnight BST. - Mainly consists of players between 21-mid 30s and UK/EU based. Everybody welcome regardless of your location, and as long as you are 18 or above.  Discord is a requirment for our clan, we will send you an invite upon joining clan. If our clan is right for you, and you could contribute to getting stuck in with everybody, feel free to join. If you have any questions before joining the clan feel free to contact us. Clan link if want to have a look over:



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