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[b][u]Weekly Reset Info for 26th July - 2nd August[/u][/b] [b][u]Featured this week:[/u][/b] 💠 Solstice Event Continues 💠 Raid Rotator - Garden of Salvation 💠 Dungeon Rotator - Pit of Heresy 💠 Tier 3 Nightmare Containment Boss - Elykris, the Machinist 💠 Double Gambit Rank Points 💠 The Corrupted Nightfall 💠 Legend Dares of Eternity Contestants - Round 1: Taken, Round 1: Cabal, Final Round: Zydron 💠 Legend Dares of Eternity Singe - Solar [b][u]This Week’s Savathûn’s Throne World Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Weekly Campaign Mission (When Rank 13 with Fynch - The Last Chance 💠 Lucent Moth Locations: Quagmire, Apothecary, Temple of the Cunning, Alluring Curtain, Miamsa, Temple of the Wrathful, Court of Thorns, Witch’s Echo, Altar of Reflections and Florescent Canal 💠 Wellspring Boss, Mode and Weapon: Tuesday 26th July - Bo’gong / Attack / Fel Taradiddle Wednesday 27th July - Zeerik / Defend / Father’s Sin Thursday 28th July - Golmag / Attack / Come To Pass Friday 29th July - Vezzul / Defend / Tarnation Saturday 30th July - Bo’gong / Attack / Fel Taradiddle Sunday 31st July- Zeerik / Defend / Father’s Sin Monday 1st August - Golmag / Attack / Come To Pass [b][u]This Week’s Lost Sector Rotation and Possible Exotic Reward (If Solo):[/u][/b] 💠 Tuesday 26th July - Excavation Site XII / EDZ / Arms 💠 Wednesday 27th July - Skydock IV / EDZ / Chest 💠 Thursday 28th July - The Quarry / EDZ / Helm 💠 Friday 29th July - K1 Crew Quarters / Moon / Legs 💠 Saturday 30th July - K1 Logistics / Moon / Arms 💠 Sunday 31st July - K1 Revelation / Moon / Chest 💠 Monday 1st August - K1 Communion / Moon / Helm [b][u]This Week’s Europa Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Eclipsed Zone - Asterion Abyss 💠 Empire Hunt - The Warrior 💠 Scanner Augment - Vex Sectors 💠 Exo Challenge - Agility [b][u]This Week’s Dreaming City Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Curse Week - Medium 💠 Weekly Mission - Oracle Engine 💠 Ascendant Challenge - Chamber of Starlight (Cimmerian Garrison) 💠 Blind Well Bosses: Tier 1 - Mholoch Tier 2 - Belhor and Teraph Tier 3 - Mholoch, Belhor and Teraph Unstable Charge of Light (Tier 4) - Cragur, Ultra Hive Ogre [b][u]This Week’s Moon Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Nightmare Hunts and Master Time Trial: Phogoth (Fear) - 10 Minute Master Time Trial Fanatic (Insanity) - 11 Minute Master Time Trial Crota (Despair) - 15 Minute Master Time Trial 💠 Patrol Nightmare and Location - Fallen Council, Archer’s Line 💠 Trove Guardian Location - Anchor of Light 💠 Altars of Sorrow Weapon Rotation: Tuesday 26th July - Heretic (Rocket Launcher) Wednesday 27th July - Blasphemer (Shotgun) Thursday 28th July - Apostate (Sniper) Friday 29th July - Heretic (Rocket Launcher) Saturday 30th July - Blasphemer (Shotgun) Sunday 31st July - Apostate (Sniper) Monday 1st August - Heretic (Rocket Launcher) [b][u]This Week’s Crucible Playlists:[/u][/b] 💠 Survival, Elimination, Rumble, Control and Clash 💠 Trials Of Osiris - 29th July to 2nd August 💠 Iron Banner - Returns Next Season [b][u]This Week’s Vanguard Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Vanguard Ops Singe - Solar 💠 Nightfall, The Ordeal - The Corrupted 💠 Nightfall Modifier: [b]Adept Difficulty[/b] Epitaph: Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated. Acute Arc Burn: +25% Arc Damage dealt and +50% Arc Damage received. [b]Hero Difficulty[/b] All previous modifiers. The Closer: When targets are nearby, you have improved slide; after sliding, your ranges weapon attacks deal increases damage for a short time. [b]Legend Difficulty[/b] All previous modifiers. Chaff: Radar is disabled. Equipment locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts. Match Game: Enemmy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage. Shielded Foes: You will face Void, Arc and Solar shields. [b]Master Difficulty[/b] All previous modifiers. Champions Mob: This mode contains additional champions. 💠 Weekly Nightfall Weapon - Horror’s Least [b][u]This Week’s Raid Challenges:[/u][/b] 💠 Last Wish Challenge - Forever Fight (Morgeth, 3rd Encounter) 💠 Garden of Salvation Challenge - All Challenges Available 💠 Deep Stone Crypt - Red Rover (1st Encounter) 💠 Vault of Glass Challenge - Stranger’s in Time (Gatekeeper Encounter) 💠 Vault of Glass Timelost Weapon - Available when Vault of Glass is the Featured Raid 💠 Vault of Glass Master Stat Armour - Available when Vault of Glass is the Featured Raid 💠 Vow of the Disciple - Defences Down (3rd Encounter) 💠 Vow of the Disciple Master Armour Stat - Resilience [b][u]This Week’s Ada-1 Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Warlock Armour - Tangled Web Armour Set 💠 Hunter Armour - Tangled Web Armour Set 💠 Titan Armour - Tangled Web Armour Set 💠 Mods - Check in game or via the D2 app as these change daily [b][u]This Week’s Gunsmith Info:[/u][/b] 💠 Legal Action II, Enyo-D, The Vision, Contingency Plan, Palmyra-B and Typhon GL5 💠 Mods - Check in game or via the D2 app as these change daily Infographics Version available on my Instagram page: Weekly Reset Discord Bot Also Available:



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