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7/20/2022 9:19:43 PM

Certavi Et Vici is recruiting

Certavi Et Vici, is an amazing clan for gamers from all walks of life. Whether you're an avid fan of Destiny 2, or you've just decided to pick it up for the very first time, there's room here for you in our family. We strive to support those who join, no matter what activity, or mode. It's essential, and vital to us, that you feel like you're able to progress, and get what you need done, with little to no trouble. We accept anyone in Certavi Et Vici, no matter your race, -blam!-, religion, culture etc. It is paramount, that you feel safe here. That being said, we do not tolerate any sorts of racism, -blam!-, discrimination, or anything of the sort. We are Crossplay friendly, as we use ingame chat to communicate to each other while playing Destiny 2. That means whether you're on Xbox, Playstation or PC, you're absolutely welcome here. We have very friendly and welcoming sherpa's, who are here to assist you! Requirements: 1.  You must join the Discord 2.  You must change your Discord nickname, so that it reflects your ingame username. 3.  Register with the Charlemagne bot 4. Make sure you read the above! Clan Link: We can't wait to see you!!!



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