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THIRD EYE REVOLUTION - Public Community [Community Discord, Linking Features, Preference Roles, Ingame Updates] - Find your dream team with TER

[b]Thank you for for your interest in possibly joining our clan! Third Eye Revolution is a new clan with roughly 40 members and level 3 within 10 days of being created. We allow anyone whether they are clan member or not into our Discord with our unique concepts to find and make friends and their perfect fireteam.[/b] Our Discord is where you will start your adventure with us. When you join, you can register your Bungie account in our command usage channel, and pick your preferred class, power, the year you started Destiny, and timezone to match and find people of the same interests or area as you so you can begin being involved in our digital family. The next step is our [b]"Cult Selector"[/b] section. This is a unique concept and a one time choice that will allow you to select your preferred playstyle and personality outside of Destiny in order to get a unique role, channel, and match with people of the same interests and style orientation. Once we expand into more clans when we reach our limit, we will have cult representatives from each group assign members who are interested in being in the clan meant for their group only. Consider this clan as an understudy and talent scouting clan to find you your perfect team. [b]So, how do you join? [/b] If you are interested, join and in our join clan channel - click on the clan invite link. If not, still feel free to join our Discord to meet new people! It will sync with your Bungie account and you can show off stats, gear, and just have fun in our voice channels. [b]If you are interested in being a future cult representative and managing a group expansion..[/b] 1) upvote this post 2) reply with your interest in our group I will contact you if I am interested in having you manage our community. I hope to see some of you join our adventure as we take on this new chapter as a clan. Please support this post and join us if you are up to being involved in helping create one of the greatest communities out there.



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