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7/2/2022 6:41:15 PM

IGC Forerunners Squad [IGC] Is Recruiting !ALL PLATFORMS!

IGC Forerunners Squad [IGC] is the third clan in the IGC community. IGC ( Independent Gaming Community) has been around since 2007. We're a large group of friendly, laid-back gamers who play a vast catalog of games. Whether it be Destiny 2, Halo MCC/Infinite, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, Lost Ark, Diablo 2&3 or many others, this is your place to party up with others and have fun! IGC discord is full of gaming enthusiasts of all levels including streamers. You will have access to all 3 clans of Destiny 2 gamers so finding gamers to play through content with is within your grasp. We also organize inter-clan events. Requirements: Discord Age restriction is 17+. English If you find you are inactive for more than 4-5 months that is ok! You may be removed from the clan but not the discord, so when you are ready to play again, you just have to let an admin know and you will be invited back into the clan again. PM me on discord as I know you are interested ;) And please guve us a bump :) RedEH#9291



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