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6/23/2022 9:27:36 PM

Vanguard & Gambit | We need a change...

Hello All, This is my feedback on how game can be improved (in my eyes). [u][b]Gambit[/b] [/u]I have been playing Gambit for a long time but it is just not fun playing same 4 maps over and over again for several seasons in row. Please bring older maps back or create new ones based on the current new locations. Especially since we have to grind up 2 resets to complete "weapon ornament" for seasonal challenges. It gets pretty annoying to play the same 4 maps over and over. With double XP on, it takes 40 games to complete (if you win all games, which is impossible), so you play at minimum 10x same map. [i][b]Other Gambit rank related game modes when?[/b] [/i]Can we get overhauled "The Reckoning" game mode back? Not everyone enjoys PvEP Gambit, Reckoning was fun. [u][b]Vanguard[/b][/u] Regarding the Vanguard strike playlist, I would suggest making "Legacy Vanguard Strikes Playlist" which would include all older strikes since game release. For sure it would bring some "re-freshed" air to flow of the strikes - maybe would make new curious guardians even dig deeper into Destiny story as they would experience something "new-old". [i][b]GrandMaster Nightfalls[/b][/i] I simply do not understand the point of locking GMs until mid of the season passed. This definetelly needs to change as most end-game players need a real challenging stuff to do.. standard nightfalls are not cutting it anymore. In my opinion they should be unlocked 3 weeks prior to season start at least, not 5 weeks as it is now. Kindest regards, The_P4nda_x3 🐼



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