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6/6/2022 11:10:36 AM

Airborne Effectiveness = Airborne Ineffectiveness

Hi, I feel like creating this topic backed by a good video created by Aztecross. I advise players and Bungie to watch this. # Disclaimer This post is not offensive, not an attack, I dearly love the work Bungie puts in to Destiny 2! This is just my unsalted opinion and how I feel in general about this change. For others posting in this topic, please keep it clean! # Thoughts Now for my thoughts about Airborne Effectiveness (AE from now on) and hand canons. I will leave the stompee discussion out of this "The one guntype that should be accurate during ground and aerial pvp play in close and maybe medium range, has been destroyed". AE is a nerf to hand canons and aerial gunplay in general. It doesn't feel good at all and tbh, I feel like Bungie didn't do a good job in communicating the intention of this change. There was a ton of info about AE, but it should have been communicated as a nerf. Or shouldn't have been this rigorous, (I would opt for the latter). Most of us have been playing Iron Banner this week, How many of you are playing with your hard earned palies / other god roll hand canons, and use adapt icarus? I don't see any.. How many of you are using hard earned exotics like ace, thorn, or whatever you favorite exotic hand canon is.. I again don't see any. This leads me to believe that players are in fact, just dropping hand canons in pvp. I'm curious to see the numbers. I hope Bungie will look at them to see the impact as well. Maybe even share the internal numbers in a twab? I understand how AE should work, the Twab had a lot to say about this and I was already raising eyebrows but hey... sandbox changes are part of the game right, I thought it would be ok because of how it was communicated. The way it was written suggested it would be a positive change. After the patch dropped I was stunned. Even when speccing in to AE, aerial gameplay was useless with hand canons in pvp (Hunter, titan play). On the ground it still feels the same as before, maybe even a little better idk. I'm also very surprised that in pve, aerial gameplay still feels good, almost the same as it was pre-patch, it's not even comparable, this feels odd, pvp and pve should be linked more closely together. Bottom line is, this should not called a change, its a nerf and I think Aztecross really did a good job in summarizing it. # Feedback: Feedback wise I can understand a change was somewhat needed, hand canons ruled the game. Hell, I went solo flawless every week in season 16 with a pulse rifle / hand canon combo, Thats kinda odd.. I would like to suggest tuning AE so it wil again enable the use of hand canons in pvp, maybe not as dominant as it was pre-patch, but somewhere in the middle. Maybe up the AE stat on higher tier and exotic hand canons passively in pvp at least. Flinch could be made more interesting in additional ways as well, high caliber rounds for example should be more effective. Especially when using a hard hitting weapon like a hand canon. This should induce more flinch than a submachine gun. This incenticies players for hitting those shots. Maybe make flinch linked to the damage output, and if it is a auto / burst / single shot weapon? Other than that, I think it would be best to communicate a change the way it was really intended to be. Is is a nerf? Call it that way, please don't sugger coat your intentions if that was the case. In this world we already have enough politicians and others that do that. Don't be like that :) There might be bigger things at play that we don't know, maybe a huge sandbox redesign that is in the works and this is a AE thing was a preparation for that, I 100% respect the fact that Bungie doesn't want to disclose all the information regarding future roadmaps that are in the works, but please be straight with your player base.. I guess this is also a key struggle for community managers in general Thanks for reading, pt0x



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