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5/18/2022 6:44:48 PM

New recruits FEMALE LGBT+ friendly

Hi, We are a very new 18+ FEMALE lgbt+ ORIENTED clan looking to grow slowly and steadily. We welcome all skill levels, New/Returning/Veteran players. We believe Destiny should be a fun game for all not just the majority which is why this clan was created. If you don't hit max Light Level until a few weeks from the end of the season, its fine. We don't expect you to spend every waking minute on Destiny, we aim to have fun while gaming in good company. English is the clan language btw :) If this sounds like a clan your interested in get in touch. We have the exception for couple of male guardians. Which my admin is male and in LGBT community. If your looking for a relaxed and chilled clan feel free to join or any questions feel free to message an admin or myself.



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