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4/24/2022 5:35:37 AM

Military/LEO Friendly | 18+ | PvE and PvP Help | Weekly Raid and GM Hosts

DISCLAIMER: Am currently deployed until early summer. In the Military or Law Enforcement and have been trying to find a community with people you can relate too? Well it's finally here. A brand new community a couple of friends and I have just started while deployed. We have been in so many clans, and groups, and never really felt a reason to stay. People would either complain we werent on as much, not knowing our lifestyle and crazy schedule. So we decided it was time to begin one for ourselves. Looking for active members to help grow the community as well as to help anyone new who may come along find a nice group of people that they can rely on. Before deployment in my old clan I would host Raids weekly, every weekend. I would also host on reset if I had time. Would also host GMs, Trials, and any other content anyone was interested in playing or needed help in. I'm usually always available to play unless I otherwise specify in the discord. Joining would mean a lot, as for we would love for this community to grow to more than just a Destiny 2 clan. Anyone who joins is free to join our discord, or even so, If you are Military or LEO (current or even retired) you are free to come into the discord.
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