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3/9/2022 6:50:24 AM

Raid Weapon Patterns shouldn't take 5

I understand the reasoning behind doing 5 patterns per raid weapon for crafting. It makes sense the weapons are good the perks are good it could be absurdly broken for it not to be the least bit grindy. However, what I fail to see the point of is only being able to purchase one raid weapon pattern per week per character. This means I need to either wait 5 weeks just to get the weapon I want craftable or run the raid on my other characters hope the weapon drops and then buy the pattern. This means players that use only one character are essentially forced to wait 5 weeks just to get the ability to craft. If you're a player who uses all 3 character slots assuming you managed to get lucky and get the same raid drop an example being Lubrae's Ruin Glaive. This would take you either 3 or 4 weeks assuming you're unlucky. Instead of locking players behind FIVE patterns that you can only purchase ONCE per week per character. I recommend the following change. Option A) We make raid weapon patterns purchasable 5 times for a higher spoil cost (this could be an escalating cost per purchase as well). This way players aren't gated behind waiting 5 weeks on a single character and they'll have incentive to run the raid more. Still grinding the same amount but not gated by time. Option B) Make all raid weapons only require one pattern for completion and as a means of balancing make the level requirements for new perks and enhanced perks when crafting a lot higher than normal crafted weapons. Ideally I think Option B is great for regular weapon patterns as it feels unrewarding to get one pattern and think "Hey I finally got it now I can craft I get the resonance completed" only to realize they need to get lucky enough to get another pattern. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope someone from bungie genuinely considers this suggestion. I only ask because it feels unfair to have grind and progression halted by a mere reset and rng



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