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2/13/2022 4:43:04 AM

Realmwalker and Chosen Seal lock out!

It's all over reddit and here in the Bungie forums as well. These are bugged. And since Chosen was 2 seasons ago, how is this not fixed? Since this seems to be common among players, has anyone found a work around? Are we seriously about to get -blam!- out of seals we did? [b]Realmwalker Seal[/b] [i]Unsolved Mysteries[/i] [u]Using your Techeun abilities, solve the mysteries hidden throughout the Shattered Realm.[/u] The Dark Ritual in Forest of Echoes will not unlock for me, even though I've done it many times. [b]Chosen Seal[/b] [i]All the Scattered Pieces[/i] [u]With access to the mainframe, uncover the final set of clues aboard the Glykon.[/u] I am stuck on 4/5 scannables, I've ran this too many damn times and tried quite literally everything. Has anyone figured out a solution?



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