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1/11/2022 6:23:05 PM
[b]Daily Reminder: [/b] Do not use your postmaster as storage. [quote][b]Postmaster[/b] Once a Social Space has been unlocked, players will gain access to the Postmaster. If an item is not collected before returning to orbit or proceeding to an alternate destination, it will be sent to the Postmaster. Items held by the Postmaster may be lost if not manually retrieved and stored in the Vault. Items are discarded from the Postmaster when accruing over 20 "Lost Items" or deleting a Character. Bungie does not replace in-game items that are lost, or discarded. (See Deleted Item and Character Policy)[/quote] [quote][b]Bungie does not provide the following services:[/b] Restoration of deleted characters Recovery of dismantled, scrapped, deleted, or otherwise discarded items Recovery of mistakenly Infused items [b]Recovery of items lost due to a Character's Postmaster being full[/b][/quote]



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