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由a Chicken Nugget (Adept)編輯: 12/28/2021 4:03:02 AM
I did my usual run for vex, and when we killed atheon and I went to the chest, but as usual, I’m not lucky. I look down at where atheon died and there’s an exotic engram. This game is so bad, how dare you not give it to me on my 27th run?!? The most I’ve had to do for a raid exotic is 28 runs. If I don’t get it next time I am uninstalling and refunding all the expansions Give me vex in my postmaster or I will do it. While you’re at it Bungie, give me early access to witch queen and let me combine the energy swords together so I can be the true halo fan I am. Halo was such a better game, you are living off the glory of the past
#satire #destiny2



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