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12/10/2021 9:55:16 PM

[EU/INT] [16+] [crossplay][discord] code of the marauders are officially open to the public and you are invited

[b]About us.[/b] Code of the Marauders is an active, semi casual clan that focuses on all aspects of the game and also has a focus on creating a strong community both in and outside of the game. [b]What do we offer?[/b] We offer guided raids and an active, friendly and open community both inside and outside of the game. We also have endgame focused players that can guide both master raids and grandmaster nightfalls. [b]What do we require from you?[/b] be mature be respectful have discord (This is where we plan most of our raids, trials, nightfalls and clan events) [b]How do you join?[/b] Join our community discord! After you have joined, please read the information on the #rule-page channel and follow the instructions there - keep in mind this will include a short chat with one of our admins.



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