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Hellas Basin Brewery is recruiting Guardians [BREW] [21] [Discord]

[b]Hellas Basin Brewery[/b] [BREW] is recruiting adult guardians with an [b]endgame focus[/b]. We are focusing on recruiting members that are skilled in endgame activities and are looking for a community environment rather than an LFG group. [b]Hellas Basin Brewery[/b] is a community of focused, friendly guardians with a mature approach to Destiny 2 endgame. With our strong group of Sherpas and a community-oriented approach, we seek to align guardians with an endgame mindset and provide the tools and support needed to succeed in the pursuit of power. Whether it’s raiding, exotic quests, triumph score, seals, or endgame PVP, we strive to attain the highest achievements in-game. With strong communication, and a humorous, friendly discord server there’s never a lack of friendly advice, support, or great memes to enjoy. Achieving personal milestones as well as providing the support needed for others to succeed is a priority in the brewery. However, we do enjoy lighthearted joking, memeing and all-around having a good time, while maintaining a focused and goal-oriented mindset. We have a few requirements for joining, but the clan admins are always willing to talk on an individual basis as we are a community of like-minded players above all else. [u]Toxicity and pessimism are not tolerated[/u], but friendly boasting and competition are encouraged. If you are interested and feel like we may be the right clan for you, here are a few things we look for in applicants. Requirements- -21+ in age (sorry little lights, come back for a pint later.) -[b]Willingness to join and contribute actively to our clan discord (this is a must, no exceptions.)[/b] -Having purchased the latest Destiny 2 expansion and be [b]endgame ready[/b]. -Friendly, optimistic attitude towards other players and Destiny’s long-term future. -No Trials cheaters or win trading. Preferred- -Experience in Destiny 2 raids, dungeons, or other endgame content, and the willingness to learn from and/or teach others in the community. -An interest/experience in PVP areas of endgame i.e. trials, glory, and competitive areas of Destiny 2. [url=]Hellas Basin Brewery[/url]



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