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10/28/2021 6:58:27 PM

My community creation posts are not going through

I've had this issue for about 4 years now and still haven't had a working fix for it. Everytime I try and post something to the community creations page, my content gets frozen in virtual Purgatory and is never posted. I get the alert that my post has been submitted for review but then nothing ever happens after that. I have had this problem since the launch of D2, and it wasn't a problem before then. I've posted about this problem here in the past, and none of the solutions given to me have fixed to problem. I'm not sure if there is a hold or restriction on my account that I am not aware of (I don't know why there would be, I don't post that often, and if I try to its always a MotW or a contest submission), but it's really irritating knowing that my work isn't going through, and that it still hasn't been fixed in over 4 years. If anyone has any ideas or solutions, I would greatly appreciate the help.



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