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由The Architect編輯: 10/26/2021 12:56:50 PM

[Fixed] Twitch extension bugged? NPC in tower has no Rewards (3h later)

EDIT: It seems the extension needs to finish whole progression, so 10/10 to get the reward, sorry first time using the extension (: [quote]Bounty rewards must be retrieved from your active Cross Save account before the next weekly reset.[/quote] This message appears in the extension overlay with a Steam icon, i have Playstation linked but i haven't touched it in half a year (PS4 Pro), the extension is at 4/10 for Match reactions, the Saint-14 and Trials is unlocked but i got nothing in Amanda Holliday NPC. I've checked my Bungie account on Bungie site and everything is fine, is linked to my Steam account too, the Streamer said the extension sometimes bugs, i've never used the extension for Trials rewards before. Thanks in advance.



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