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10/22/2021 8:09:42 PM

thumbstick chicks [PC/PSN/XBOX] inclusive clan.

thumbstick chicks is an 18+ clan aimed at - but not exclusive to - LGBTQ+ gamers.  We are a chill, inclusive group who like to get our weeklies done and have fun while we are doing it. A solid, friendly group who will help you where you need it, arrange raids for new players  as well as the D1 veterans.  Have some excellent sherpas and some frankly terrifying pvp players if that's your thing.  I see them all flashing their trials weapons. I prefer pve, raids, the weekly grind.  You know how it is.  You don't have to be in the clan to game with us, thats what the discord is for. No level or participation requirements, you can run with the sweats or chill w the casuals. You do you. We like you just fine exactly as you are 😀 Our members are supportive and helpful and if it's a raid or exotic quest or campaign part you need company for, ask and you shall be fireteamed. We are big enough to have members there for you but not so big you get lost in the crowd and we work hard to maintain that balance. We don't want numbers, we want to gather the people who want to experience the game together and forge new friendships. If you want to check us out ... drop by anytime.   We'll save you a seat. Clan page :



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