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由Mikyle_Hawk-Eye編輯: 10/13/2021 5:09:42 PM

Buff 180’s? Change RPM from 180 to 210

Curious what the community thinks. 180’s are in a poor spot and was thinking if we buffed the RPM it would make it more viable but still stay within the realm of what the gun is meant for. So currently @ 180 rpm TTK is 1.0 sec and with kill clip it is .66 sec (correct me if i’m wrong) if changed to 210 rpm TTK becomes .85 sec and with kill clip it’s .57 sec Both 180 and 210 require 4 shots at base to kill and 3 under kill clip but at base it is more competitive (still not the best) and under kill clip it’s not so much of a change it’s OP in my mind thoughts?….



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