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And with that, he is no longer Crow...

Well done Bungie. Well done. The redemption arc of uldren sov just came to fruition... and he will be manipulated by Savathun moving forward. After this week, I actually wanted to go back inside and shoot Savathuns crystal until it was shards. Screw the worm, screw the mission, screw the fact I put my titan between savathun and crow to stop the entire touching the crystal to try and preserve Crow as a guardian and he just reached past me. His memories were never going to be that important and now? He literally states his anger at us (read the dialogue after that moment) is because we didn't tell him. Well hunters. Good luck in the future with the same murderer Sov who is under the influence of Savathun. There is no going back once you learn your past life. We have LITERALLY seen this happen before and it is the weapon the darkness uses to mess with your mind and his big idea? "I need to get away from here. Respect my privacy and leave me be." Good luck guys. First Ikora reveals all of the Hidden knowledge to Osiris Savathun and now she has an ally of a guardian. There is no doubt now that Crow is the missing link of how light-bearing secrets have been figured out. Savathun literally states she helped him because he reminds her of herself. She studied him. All of this because it wasn't a choice for our guardian to tell him his past and also remind him we don't care about what has been done in the past. The threats now are far greater then that.



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