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9/7/2021 9:27:13 AM

Iron Banner Join-In-Progress freezes crucible streak

This happened to me twice in a row, once at a 4 streak and then at a 2 streak. JIP isn't a problem for me and should mean some matches in a streak may finish quickly if I join at the middle or end of a match, but being penalized for playing some matches alone isn't very fun. I don't recall if frozen streaks (not incrementing on match completion) has corresponded to joining in progress when I've played in other playlists, which is why I specified this is happening in IB. You're also getting advice from other places to rework streaks and I have to agree. Let me tell you my experience today. Earlier in the week I skipped some activities with my clan because I didn't want to reset my vanguard or crucible streaks. Today I had my crucible streak at 5 and then decided to join my clan for a pinnacle run of VoG. Unfortunately, all 6 drops were weapons, the slots where those pinnacles had zero value for me. For context, a pinnacle in four of the armor slots would have increased my base power level for drops, and one armor slot would have still been a +1 improvement. Another clanmate said he had the same experience that run. I then went back to Iron Banner and opened two pinnacle bounties: both weapons, but one was an improvement of +1 over my previous best in slot, so that was nice. Then I switched characters and quickly got to my first reset for the season. I wasn't paying perfect attention to my streak, but I think either the reset or an accidental backing out from the queue caused my streak to reset (or just decrement by about 3). That's not really fun. I kept playing and eventually got stuck at a 4 streak for several matches. I still had 3 bounties on that character and 1 bounty on a third character, so I decided to try resetting by grabbing my weekly powerful from the Exo Stranger. That reset it to zero, and I started playing again. I quickly joined in progress again and got stuck at a 2 streak. But I finished 2 more IB bounties + the quest, so I decided to just call it a night instead of going for completion. Both IB bounties gave weapon pinnacles that didn't help me. So two things were pretty disappointing: 1) joining my friends for endgame content penalized my crucible progress and 2) the end result of 10 pinnacles from between the VoG run and the IB bounties this evening was a net of +1 to one slot. I know this forum is for bugs, but I have to emphasize this bug is more frustrating because of the current streak and pinnacle systems. While I'd like this bug fixed, I think changes to those systems should also be considered at the same time. If I could adjust these things, I'd make adjustments like: 1) First few pinnacles per week (either multiple per account or 1-to-2 per character) would be in the lowest slot. This would work like the x2 XP for the first 5 levels each week. 2) Bad luck protection for pinnacles. If 2-to-3 pinnaces in a row for a character dropped in slots where they had no impact, then the next one drops for lowest slot. 3) IB bounties may be dropping a disproportionate amount of weapons and should be rebalanced. I saw someone claim something like this on reddit, but it may have been about turning in tokens and not bounties. Ignore this if this was just part of my bad luck today. 4) Streaks should not be frozen by JIP. If fixing this means temporarily disabling JIP protection, I'd be fine with that, but other players will have different opinions. 5) If JIP protection is tied to streak, and making streaks easier to maintain would reduce the pool of players who can balance matches, then add alternate mechanics for it to reset. 6) Streaks should always be maintained when doing non-streak activities. (Dungeons, raids, patrol, vendors in patrol, etc) 7) Possibly, streak would not be reset at all from changing activities. Instead, it would reset weekly. 8) Lost sectors might count as vanguard activities for streak and reputation. 9) Possibly, streak would not reset when resetting vendor rank. 10) Possibly, bonus reputation from bounties added back, or instead added to the 8-bounty weekly challenges. 11) Describe how to avoid any temporary rough edges with the streak system in a tweet or TWAB. Thanks for investigating and considering!



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