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9/7/2021 3:03:47 AM

Community Ideas for Exotics

Disclosure: I'm sure there are plenty of legal hoops that prevent community ideas from being actually used in game, but how cool would it be to submit ideas somewhere with some form of agreement stating something like, "[i]Any and all ideas submitted in this forum/forum post/comments section/thread/etc. are the property and under sole ownership of Bungie, subject to all rulings in this disclosure, and may or may not be used or changed by Bungie in any form or fashion...etc. Any ideas potentially used may be cited by Bungie to show idea origin, however once used by Bungie cannot be claimed by idea creator in any form of lawsuit claiming "copyright infringement" or any other law pertaining to the ownership of an idea. Etc. Etc..[/i]" (This is not to say that there aren't brilliant minds at Bungie who aren't capable of coming up with cool exotics, but hey; inspiration can come from anywhere.) Well, just for kicks and giggles, anyone who agrees to this above little "disclosure" if you will, who wants to post ideas for exotic weapons or armor here, let's hear some cool ideas! (Heck, they don't even have to neccesarily be balanced ideas; let's just fantasize for a bit! And of course, let's be nice about other peoples ideas.) Here's a couple of my personal ideas: [b][u]Titan[/u][/b]: - Kills when behind a Rally Barricade give a small bump to health and or begins health regen. - Makes Towering Barricades lethal (slower damage tick rate, weaker barricade) - Sprinting no longer required to activate Top Tree Hammer Shoulder charge; Charge distance extended -Increased damage against airborne targets - Consume melee to activate shoulder mounted turret (activate by holding non-powered melee or finisher button) [b][u]Warlock[/u][/b]: - Rifts deal damage to enemies similar to Titan Barricades/Witherhoard (non-lethal) - Allows for sustained flight when gliding for an extended time. - Turns Nova Bomb into an Airstrike where after a short duration, a bomb (or bombs) rapidly fall from the sky at reticle location. - Standning in a healing rift grants invisibility, but no overshield is granted, rift duration shortened [b][u]Hunter[/u][/b]: - Using swords (with ammo) within close proximity to combatants slowly drains sword charge, but grants overshield. - Turns melee into a homing void projectile that travels along the ground and when reaching a combatant, detonates and sends combatants into the air (similar to Cabal Psion void grenade, deals no damage?) - Turns Arcstaff into a Spear throwing super (like the Warmind Valkyrie) - Consume Solar Melee to cause knife(knives) to float above your head, and fly towards first line of sight target in close range (consume with non-powered melee or finisher, melee doesn't recharge while knives are in use) [b][u]Weapons[/u][/b]: - Linear Fusion Rifle: The longer you charge the weapon, the more ammo it uses, dealing increased damage per ammo used - Pulse Rifle: Holding reload converts this long range pulse into a close range SMG (540 pulse to 600 smg) and reloads weapon; Multi-Kill Clip which can activate when swapping - Machine Gun: Fires high impact fast traveling projectiles consuming 4 ammo per shot. (360 rpm) Holding reload: consumes 1/2 your super, overcharges the weapon for a time increasing its rate of fire, (450 rpm) changes its damage type to your current subclass, increasing damage dramatically, reducing ammo per shot to 1. 80 round magazine



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