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Artificially Increasing Playtime

So bungie… when are ya gonna remove the cool down timer on well almost everything? Let me instantly buy materials from spider like I don’t know 100 at a time or even 10 at a time like raid banners from Hawthorne and make them instant instead of giving us a 3 second cooldown, let me delete my 2000 Mod components instantly and/or remove the time lock/cool down when using a rainmaker, Finest Matterweave and pure matterglass lense, why does it even lock the two out when you consume one of those three anyways? Let me pick up my 200+ rewards one at a time with NO cool down from shaxxs, Hawthorne and Drifter instantly instead of making us wait two to three seconds to pick up the next one. I want to continue the weapon and xp farm not spend a few hours picking up rewards because I have to wait for the animation and sound effects to complete when picking up rewards at the tower.



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