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8/18/2021 4:38:03 PM


Hello everyone! We are [b][i]Dynasty![/i][/b], a semi-hardcore clan that focuses mainly on the ENDGAME: Grandmaster Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials. We are looking for ACTIVE players who are of the mindset that they need to be ready for any and all Endgame-level content ASAP. If that’s you, then we want you to be a part of our family. We are not saying you need to play 24/7 to be here, but we want players who hop on with a purpose other than “I just wanna chill”. If you’re new to the game, we will get you up to par to do the endgame, but don’t expect hard carries through content, you will be taught mechanics in raids and you will get your rear end beat in Competitive. This is a family for all those who want to experience everything this game has to offer and beat down any challenge it throws at us. [b][i][u]Requirements[/u][/i][/b] [b]For PvE-Focused Players:[/b] [i][u]Raid Requirements[/u][/i] 25+ Clears of the most recent raids (VoG and DSC) 15+ Sherpas of any given raid A week one, Flawless, and/or low man tag on any given raid. [i][u]Nightfall Requirements[/u][/i] Conqueror Seal (Extra Credit for Gilded) 50 overall Grandmaster clears [b]For PvP-Focused Players[/b] [i][u]Stat Requirements[/u][/i] 1.0+ KD in regular crucible. At least a 1.3 KD in Trials of Osiris. [b]For New Players[/b] [i][u]Requirements[/u][/i] Get to Power Cap Get the main Exotics If you wanna be a PvE-focused player, schedule a sherpa run for a relevant raid If you wanna be a PvP-focused player, get a team together for Trials [b]For All Players[/b] Remain ACTIVE in the server and in game. Get involved with the clan, run activities with each other. If you wanna join us. All you need to do is: 1️⃣ Request to join our clan HERE > < 2️⃣ Message any of our Admins on Discord to have a conversation about your activity and who you are as a Destiny player. Vanta: Vanta#3824 Soap: Soapyness#1908 Agni: WashingtonPunk#4051 Chuck: Chuck Florist#5213 Jailter: Reflet Kyouma#9000 For PvP Oriented players: Pablo: jspitzee#9027 Blue: Bluestro#3482 3️⃣ Upon review of your Guardian Report your request will be accepted, if you meet the requirements. 4️⃣ Once you are a member of the clan, you will have 24 hours to join our clan discord server > < 5️⃣ Failure to follow these rules will result in acceptance being rescinded and being removed from the server.



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