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I got banned 6+Months ago still thinking to be innocent

As the titel says above I got banned 6+ months ago still thinking to be innocent. I submitted 7 or more ban appeals no response from bungie. I got banned with my xbox account but I was playing on my PC not using any software that could attack Destiny 2 not that I know of. I played 2000+ hours ,using cross save Day One it comes out never cheated or laggswitched anything on xbox or pc and I got a ban after playing Trials of Osiris in december while playing against a cheater and reported him and I got the life time ban for 499 years or so this is still hard to accept for me. I don´t understand why would I cheat after thousands of hours and risking my 6 year old Destiny account where I put hundreads of euros in ,time and effort. Still having 3000 Silver on my account that is actually wasted having Year 4 Season Pass where I lost 2 season till today hoping to hop in to this season. I love this game so much and I really want to play this game again. Is there anything I can do? Please no people that says I´m a cheater etc. Sorry for my rough explanation english is my mother tongue.
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