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5/26/2021 9:03:48 AM

Bungie Ruined The Game For Hunters AGAIN

Hunters have been nerfed to the ground for ages either in exotics or supers one after another. All posts for VOG say (ONLY WARLOCKS) or (ONLY TITANS WITH CHEST [where is their nerf by the way?? They can one phase aethion no problem and have been damage meta since drop but my JUST RELEASED new legs that do less damage overall on a hunter are demolished with nerfs and "bug fixes"??]) or more specifically i just saw three posts tonight that said (NO HUNTERS) Bungie messed up! And honestly i don't care what hunter haters have to say! I'm not even concerned with pvp i feel this game is the worst at supporting long lasting pvp anyway so don't come at me how hunters steamroll you through trials or comp because you can't aim lol. Seriously though, PVE MECHANICS AND GAMEPLAY FOR HUNTERS NEED TO BE BETTER THAN THEY CURRENTLY ARE because now it's boring again, we are the weakest and most vulnerable instead of being equals, and now hunter classes are specifically being bunted out of the community content like alot (in this case via lfg posts) and that's absolutely hilarious to think I've spent YEARS and tons of waisted money for a developer to make the game i paid for and enjoyed gradually more garbage because they WaNt Me To PlAy HoW tHe OtHeR kIdS wAnT mE tO pLaY. Lol grow up people, you ruined a product i enjoyed because of your complaints and trash posts. Hunter mains all feel me on this, so if you read this, speak up and show this community that we have been left behind all too often in this game tons of us dedicated alot of time to. I've never hated on titans or warlocks, they are awesome lol, i want my hunter to be awesome too like it once was with a devastating goldy shot, a tether that provided everyone with tons of orbs if it was done skillfully well, a blade barrage that actually did nice damage, an arc super that once mattered AT ALL lol Everyone should be awesome in this game if they want to, why lower anyone below other's capabilities? STOP NERFING MY STUFF BUNGIE. If pvp is a problem deal with it separately somehow if you have to. signed: a pve player



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