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Chosen title glitched on New Hunter

So I recently deleted my old hunter to make a new one, from female awoken to male exo, however when I wanted to equip my title again it told me it was completed yet there was still 1 triumph missing. This triumph is the one for completing the PATH OF THE CHOSEN seasonal story line. I completed this on my old hunter (which is how I got the title of course) but I cannot complete it anymore, I would have been totally fine with having to re-do the whole quest-line but I cannot find it in my inventory or quest archive anymore. I did not know that the triumph itself was character related seeing as all the other triumphs are universal. Could you nice people at Bungie please give me this triumph back? The pin I ordered would otherwise sadly just be a reminder of my stupidity. UPDATE Turns out the wartable was just really finneckey and I had to approach it at a pixel perfect angle, got the quest now.



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