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Felwinters Lie | Felwinters Helm | Winter’s Guile Need Synergy

All Three of these items alone seem to play well tuned, for their intended design. However, I do see some strong potential for these Items to synergies with one another, much like a Sturm & Drang. So here’s my take: [u][b]Felwinter’s Lie[/b][/u]: [b][u]Shot Package Frame[/u][/b]: • Aggressive frame shotgun modified to have more uniform pellet spread • Finishers reload Felwinters Lie from your reserves [u][b]Perks[/b][/u]: • Fullchoke • Accurized Rounds • One-two Punch / Trench Barrel • Vorpal Weapon / Auto-Loading Holster • Range Masterwork [i]This essentially makes Felwinters a DPS / Super Shutdown utility weapon..! It’s good for all things PvE & PvP. Now on to Felwinters Helm[/i] [u][b]Felwinter’s Helm[/b][/u]: • Powered melee hits Stagger & Disrupt targets • Powered melee kills create a burst of energy that weaken nearby targets • Finishers against more powerful foes create a Burst of energy lengthening the effects & increasing the radius of the burst [i]This essentially makes Felwinters Helm a safer exotic to use for common play, & award players with an increased damage output if they manage to clean up a target with their melee or finisher. This would also include ranged melee attacks such as celestial fire, Penumbral blast, & ball lighting. Now on to winters Guile[/i] [u][b]Winter’s Guile[/b][/u]: • Eliminating Enemies with your melee attack increase melee damage • Powered melee kills refund your melee energy • Finishers refund a large portion of melee energy How would something like this feel for Felwinters? And how well does it play into Felwinters helm & winters guile?



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