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[PC] [Wrong Occupation] {chill,small tight knit}

Tired of never playing with the same group of people? Looking to build friendships as you build your arsenal? Then look no further than Wrong Occupation About us: Currently 12 members and looking to grow a close knit group that's used to playing together regularly. Ideally we'd keep the clan around 30 members so people are more familiar with each other and what we like to play, but it really depends on how active people are. You should join our clan if you like immersing yourself in D2's gameplay and lore. We plan to schedule meet ups through Charlemagne on our discord server Requirements: you play at least somewhat regularly, and of course In terms of light levels and performance, a few of our members are getting back into D2 from a long break and have some levels to grind and that's totally fine. What we do expect from our members is a certain amount of respect for other people's TIME. Everyone has work and lives of their own and if they're sitting down for a weekend Raid, chances are they don't have time for players who haven't bothered to look up any mechanics to know what they're doing come game time. No one wants to be stuck on a raid for 3+ hours due to a fireteam member's lack of preparedness or constant breaks. So yeah, if you've run a raid before, great! If you haven't, we're happy to help you through your first run. Send me a message on here, and ill gladly send over a dc link



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