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5/26/2021 4:01:53 AM

Destination rewards and DLC's

Hello there! Since sunsetting is now gone, can we get back more of the DLC content? Recently I've been running some Nightmare Hunts (for bounties for xp) and I've noticed that I'm usually thrown in the activity alone, nobody is running it since all the weapons from essences are sunset, can we get them back to also make it more lively and worth while to farm moon stuff? Can we also get back rest of the dreaming city weapons and while at it, can we also get the tangled shore weapons back too? All the weapons from those dlc's could be thrown as random rewards for doing their destinations things, like public events, lost sectors, high value targets and so on. And could we also get some love for EDZ and Nessus, first it would be nice if we could get the bounty treatment Cosmodrome has, 1 weekly, few daily and repeatables. In the link I've added you can see the given destination engrams their vendors have and you can preview it, could we get some of those weapons reissued and added as the destination specific drops, it would be nice to farm some destinations while doing bounties to get some unique weapons to those given destinations. I love the game, but since sunsetting is gone and those 2 non dlc destinations are very boring this could liven them a bit and overall add more loot to chase.



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