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2/3/2021 7:23:20 AM

Items from postmaster gone

So I was playing Destiny2. Iron Banner to be more detailed. Before that I went to the Tower to clear some items from Postmaster, everything was fine. I have left there several exotics, 50 prisms and 7 Ascendant shards. After a couple of matches I went tot the tower again, just to see that my postmaster was EMPTY. Like, why? I had grinded the scarlet keep 1280 for a generous amount . Now I have no shards, no exotics and no prisms. No one is going to give back those items and no one is going to give my time back. If you cant do anything decent , don't start making content without fixing issues. As for as I know, you still cant collect ahamkara bones for the 3rd month.



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