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1/22/2021 3:51:56 PM

Strange blue feathers? Secret puzzle?

So while playing the mission to get the hawkmoon catalyst I noticed something odd that no one to my knowledge seems to be taking about. At the part where you jump from the tree to the wall before you go back inside if you turn around and look at the waters edge you can see a path of floating blue feathers above some fallen trees. I've tried getting to them but haven't found a way yet, and it doesn't seem like you can interact with or shoot them but I haven't had much time to test things. Has anyone else noticed this yet? I feel like it has to be something and can't just be there for no reason. I'm thinking that it might be something similar to the whisper and outbreak mission with a hidden path leading to something. I'm hoping I'm not crazy and others smarter than me have found this too and are working to figure it out so please let me know if anyone has anything on this!



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