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Sunsetting: The Real Problem | An Open Letter to Bungie

What I've discovered about Sunsetting is that it's not the lack of content so much as how stingy Bungie continues to be with the loot that seems to be driving all the frustration. Don't get me wrong, there is not enough content that was added to replace what we lost. All those iconic weapons, some of the best loot in the game (Black Armory, I'm looking at you), all of it gone and we're left with what? Well, some fairly solid contenders. Problem is, getting them is as difficult as it was pre-sunsetting. Which is kind of a problem. No one wants to spend months and months on end chasing loot if they know they're going to get 6 months maximum life out of it and then they gotta trash it. This whole issue wouldn't have been such a nightmarish hellscape of outrage had you shown some -blam!-ing respect to your customer base. Look, Bungie. I'm going to be real with you, here. I know the holy trinity of business. Time, Quality, Budget. You know, those three things you gotta balance to make certain your bank account stays healthy. Well, something you may not realise is, those three things map to the people who pay your salary. The amount of time and the relative difficulty and cost associated with any piece of loot in this game needs to be balanced by its quality. If I'm going to have to spend 40 hours grinding a nightfall for a single piece of gear, that piece of gear had better be worth it. And right now, what sunsetting has done, is hacked off about 50-60% of that quality finish on everything you're doing. Nobody wants to spend as much time as they spent chasing a Mindbender's Ambition on chasing a xenoclast. Doesn't matter how good that shotgun may or may not be, it's just not worth the investment anymore. Drop rates, RNG, and and overall oppressive nature of miserly stinginess on your part has effectively backfired in exactly the way I predicted it would. The reason people don't want grind or farm guns and gear anymore is because they're not valuable enough to warrant the effort and expenditure required to do so. Make it rain, Bungie. Increase loot drops, fix your busted RNG, and for -blam!-'s sake, put some bad blood protection into two areas of the game broken beyond all reason: the Lost Sectors (drop rates are abysmal and favour the worst of the worst exotics over the seasonal exotics which drop exclusively from them) and pinnacle powerfuls (bad blood protection has been needed desperately ever since this came along. I would not wish upon my worst enemy that they should receive 95% of their pinnacles on one class in boots for 6 straight weeks.) Or, to put it more simply, the quality and quantity of the loot is not worth the time and the effort it takes to chase it. We're playing the same Destiny, but we're getting a third of what we were before. And looking at the numbers, there's nothing to get excited about here. Everything is farther away, harder to get, and less worthwhile than it was before. Our time is valuable, and what we are telling you over and over and over again that you are not listening to, is that this broken, frustrating, confusing, and often tilting experience lacks a meaningful enough reward at the end to make us feel as though our time was well spent.



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