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1/14/2021 2:18:44 PM

Sunsetting kills Player morale in this game you want us to chase gear and weapons that will expire like milk

Very upset Bungie seems to think this is the best decision for this game. Imagine you worked hard to get that god roll weapon to use in end game activities and you got it really late then boom expires in a month. This whole concept makes players really question why am i even going after these guns. Time goes by really fast and before you know it half your arsenal sunset without any viable replacement. Next season all season of dawn weapons gone that's 22 guns down the drain and a lot of good guns don't matter anymore. It's a hamster wheel grind that fatigues players and the majority of the community is against it but I guess when people leave to play other games and no longer care about this game then maybe you would consider when it is too late to gain them back.



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