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1/2/2021 4:44:25 AM

Destiny Vaulted Content

I feel like I know of a way Bungie could bring back old content and triumphs without compromising the future of the game. I'm pretty sure someone has already thought of this. But why not bring it all back for the last season of each year just for then and then put it All back along with whatever else is getting vaulted. It's a good way for people to grind for those armor pieces or weapons that they missed out on. They can even have it fit into the story. Like Osiris figured a way to use a vex time gate temporarily so we can travel back before the darkness consumed other places. It allows new players to experience older content and it allows older players to wrap up some unfinished business with gear and triumphs. Or they could just think of a better way to not remove content and not have it take up some much space. I mean seriously, Warframe is like a few gigs and it has buttloads. Just a thought...



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