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由Andu編輯: 12/28/2020 9:47:50 PM

[BUG] negative progress in beginner Gambit quest - step 3 of 5

Hello, after I reset my infamy rank (on titan) i noticed that progress of quest in polish "Coś za coś" (gambit quest) have been zeroed in game at infamy collecting task. I thought that was because of reset infamy but my infamy ingame this quest is still 0 but I got many ranks. So I checked in DIM (Destiny Inventory Manager) in progress tab and what I see is negative progress: after one gambit match i have: which progressed a bit Now I have to do 997264 infamy to do to reach 0 then 2500 to complete quest. Please fix that. That issue happened to my Titan only. Other characters are fine and already passed that step. [



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