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由You Done Doofed編輯: 12/16/2020 5:44:08 PM

Lure upgrades not registering properly

My reputation with the Crow is level 15 now. However, the 'Hive-made Monster' triumph still says I have only got 6 out of 7 lure upgrades. When I visit the Crow, I can see that I have all 7 lure upgrades, so my only problem right now is that the seventh upgrade is not registering properly. Also, when I visit the Crow, the 'Lure Mods and Upgrades' tab shines, like I have something new to claim. However, when I click 'Y' to preview it, it says I have unlocked everything. (All 7 upgrades) Something is definitely wrong here. I have tried leveling up further (that's why my reputation with the Crow is 15 now), but it hasn't solved anything. I really want to complete this triumph, because I want to complete every triumph I can, this season. Unfortunately it is unobtainable for me right now, due to this issue. I hope this issue can be solved in the future! Thank you for reading :-) -Isabel.



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