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由Racin Jason 60編輯: 11/30/2020 2:12:37 PM

BUG REPORT - Cryptolith Lure Quest Disappears from Quest Page on log out and Seasonal Triumphs stopped working

Hi, My Lure keeps disappearing from my inventory. I either dismantled it or I tried to reset it after selecting the wrong hunt and now it's permanently bugged. My Seasonal triumph for upgrading the Lure stopped working as well. I have provided a link to five screenshots of the issue. In the 1st - I pick up the Lure, in the 2nd you can see it is gone as confirmation, in the 3rd I check my quest log (notice there is no dismantle option like there was the very first time), in the 4th there it shows my Lure fully upgraded, in the 5th it shows my Triumph say 6 out of 7 even though I have all 10 upgrades. Also please let me know if you can't see the screenshots as I just set up a photo-sharing account to show the bugs but I am not sure if I setup it correctly.



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