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Season pass ornament for Titan class armor doesn’t work right.

It’s got that...I don’t know, strip of ringmail, or ornate wallet-chain, or whatever, hanging off the left hip, which doesn’t have any points of articulation. It juts out into empty air, as though someone laid some pennies out on a table and stuck them together with hot glue (thank you to my clanmate for that description). When not holding a weapon—such as when I’m in the Tower, for instance—the talisman thing at the bottom will clip into my character’s hand. This isn’t a huge problem. I understand that nobody was prepared for COVID, and it’s forced a lot of us to adapt swiftly—and sometimes messily. Some things will fall through the cracks. I think about it, this also isn’t the first time something like this has happened. The Hunter Cloak ornament from the Season of the Dawn pass still has that weird sort of “kink” in the fabric around the shoulders. That hasn’t gotten fixed. It bugs me, ‘cause overall I like both these ornaments, but they’ve just got these minor flaws that I can’t unsee. As I said, this isn’t a pressing concern. Just getting it out there. Edit: Dawn, not Worthy. Talkin’ about the Righteous cloak. Edit2: [url=]pictures of Titan class ornament[/url]



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