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由S2Pot編輯: 11/24/2020 12:40:57 AM

Armor Stat Focusing Critique

Honestly, I find some of the stat focusing abilities on the Lure to be just sad. It's the same problem as the umbral engram focusing, and I had hoped it would be improved, but alas, it was not. With the higher than average focusing I'm still landing armor in the 50s, which doesn't seem higher than average unless the average is considered the 40s. Also, the specific stat boosts only guarantee a 10 stat, which is alright but could be better. The biggest issue I see, on top of these two annoyances, is that you cannot have a higher than average slotted at the same time as a guaranteed stat slotted. If it required both slotted to reach a high 50 to low 60 armor, then I wouldn't have as big of an issue with the focusing, but at the moment I don't see a purpose. Why am I grinding hunts for focused armor that is only as good as some of the stuff I get just for playing? If someone is grinding stats on armor, they're not looking for gear in the 50s stat block. Thanks for reading.



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