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Ascendant Challenges 5/6

I have been grinding this game for the past month or two to make the deadline on lots of content in Destiny before the vault comes in year 4. I have been planning out the completion of my wayfarer title for a long time now and have literally every single part of the title completed except for the Secret Victories emblem. I’m stuck at 5/6 and so is my friend, we have done ascendant challenges every week and know for sure that we completed each one. I found online that others had problems but nobody had a clear solution. Please help! I’m super bummed out because I logged on today ready to finish off the last ascendant challenge but I’m stuck. On this website it says that I have completed all the ascendant challenges unlike in game or in the companion app. Edit: I have read all the info online around this problem but I’m really just looking for some help. I just purchased beyond light today and was getting ready for the new year of content then this happened right when I was getting excited, it’s really soured my mood towards this game especially since it seems that mods don’t offer a solution to their dedicated fan base. This has really ruined my experience with this game after getting super addicted the last couple months. I lined everything up perfectly then got completely screwed.



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