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10/2/2020 3:46:45 PM

Destiny Pentober Day 2

Day 2: Your Ghost Ash Parth could only remember the day he was raised by the Light, and hearing a voice. This voice was mainly all concern. Calling him out and mainly calling him Guardian. When Parth awoke, he sees his Ghost, once plain, but today, a Hissing Silence Ghost. As to what Parth is and where he used to be in. Even to remember as the many times his Ghost calls him Guardian, Parth introduces himself as what his given name was. One before and after death and before and after becoming a Guardian. Even his Ghost was concerned why the name was needed. Parth only told him that names are always given when being alive and even dead. Even joking when he read some Lore books of being "Taken" by the Light which his Ghost tells him not to say that as much as Parth calls his Ghost Little Light. It took a while when Parth and his Ghost was on the rooftop, looking at the sunset where Parth remembered what it felt like to see the setting sun to represent the fading of light but a new light when the dark skies settles in on a daily cycle, his Ghost asks, "If you gave yourself a name, is it possible that I need a name as many Ghosts were never given one?" Parth looks at the setting sun which gives a memory of a smiling feminine face who seems familiar to him but couldn't recall until his Ghost calls out to his Guardian. It was even decided that Parth has a name in mind for his Ghost. "Your name shall be... Dusk," Parth says when he looks between his Ghost, Dusk, and the setting sun to show dusk approaching. Even having to joke. "All you'll need is a Dawn one of these days, Little Dusk." Dusk, Parth's Ghost, sighed exhaustedly and tells his Guardian, "Don't do that. Sounds worse than when you would call me Little Light."



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