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Lost item

Hi! Last week friends and I farmed the nightfall, and had some Ascendant Shards/yellow golfballs at my postmaster. (Edit: forgot to say that there were also some Enhancment Prisms.) Hoping for it to be safe there until I had use for them. Everytime (not often) I got the notification that the postmaster was full, I stopped whatever I was doing and went to retrieve items so that they didn't disappear. Worked well until now. [b]Didn't get any notification[/b], the huge red bar at the bottom of the screen, and continued giving Banshee gunsmith materials. Thinking to myself that I've returned a lot of material, I checked the Postmaster and they're gone.. Is there anything you can help me with? Please? This really sucks. I googled that you don't recover things that were dismantled/lost to whatever. But I didn't get any notification and thought everything was OK. Have a nice day ^^



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