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8/20/2020 10:31:21 PM

Is there any definitive way to get the Secret Victories emblem for the Wayfarer title as of Aug 2020?

I know others have posted about this before, but those posts or videos I saw were made months ago and apparently the requirements have changed and/or are obscure or uncertain in their results. What I am looking for is what is the current known method as of August 20, 2020, to get the emblem. The two methods I've seen previously listed in various videos and posts are: 1) Doing the weekly ascendant challenges 2) Doing the Blind Well until it drops. But then there are always caveats about how none of this is guaranteed or doesn't work now, etc. If you are agonizingly close to getting the Wayfarer title, like many are, this step seems to be the very hardest. So if any player has done this recently, could you list what worked for you now. I think those of us chasing the Secret Victories emblem will very much appreciate it. Cheers all.



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