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8/18/2020 9:18:51 PM

Can’t get cursebreaker because of secret victories

I have completed all 6 ascendant challenges for the second time now and still haven’t been rewarded with secret victories emblem (I made sure to keep hold of the sword in honed edge, if u were wondering) I did it when forsaken first came out and redone it over the last 6 weeks because I thought I may have missed one due to the triumph saying 5/6 but I just noticed it’s counted as complete on the bungie website, idk what is causing this bug but it is extremely frustrating as I have the blind well emblem which is no longer a variant of secret victories and i can’t obtain cursebreaker as this is the last thing I need to complete the dreaming city badge, it is also stopping me from getting wayfarer although I still need to complete the Osiris and warmind badge first, if anyone sees this and has encountered the same issue please upvote this so that it can get more recognition and hopefully be seen by someone at bungie, it would be great if this emblem was removed from the requirements or allowed for you to have one of the three emblem variations to complete the badge as some people just can’t access it due to this same glitch, i know that’s a lot to ask but if anything could be done about this issue it would be helpful, as it is extremely disappointing doing 12 weeks worth of time gated activities for no reason and gaining nothing to show for it, I just want my cursebreaker title but this is seemingly impossible due to an error that is out of my control. Pls help bungie I’ve seen so many forums about this and nothing has been done, and I’m afraid that this will be Unseen and lost like many others.



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