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7/16/2020 8:48:55 PM

Will we get another 150 precision frame hand cannon when Nf/Luna is sunset

For pvp this is my favorite archtype. And it’s not close I have 10000 kills in the crucible with my not forgotten and 5k with my Luna. It’s what I want use. I don’t like traditional hand cannons cause I cannot keep visual of the reticle in difficult engagements like I can my nf. It’s an extension of my hand and when it gets sunset I will be without an option. 180 has 1 second ttk which is the worst of all hand cannons so that is not a good replacement. What are you going to do about people who love their 150rpm precision hand cannons?Are we just shyt our of luck. This is why sunsetting is so upsetting. Cause weapons you actually love are going away with no way to replace them. I hope Bungie realizes that this is now a part of the game and adds more to the game. I could careless about mag howl as I’ve never even attempted to bodyshot with 3rd shot for kill. So they can just add them and give them random rolls and that would fix the problem and lessen the blow that MY HANDCANNON has been made worthless.



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