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7/12/2020 2:15:35 AM

How to obtain secret victories emblem now since emblem changes

Hi its my first post! Anyway I've been working on my wayfarer title for a while now and all I need to complete it is the secret victories emblem. So I've study up and learned over the months that you can get it from the blind well which I did only to be disappointed when I received drink at the well. (Still grinding daily still no luck). So I tried completing the 6 ascendant challenges way. I was missing 1 so I had 5/6, I waited each week and redid them all since I wasn't sure which one I didn't do, but after doing all 6 ascendant challenges it's still 5/6. Yes I opened the chest and yes I went through the rift. So I'm back at grinding the well praying the rng will bless me. With that being said I was wondering if anyone could tell if it's still possibly to get secret victories emblem at well after emblem changes and if anyone knows why me completing all the ascendant challenges isn't counting. Thanks in advance for any feedback!



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