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Constructive trials feedback.

Things that could make a world of change in trials. 1. Reduce round timers to attempt to counter passive play. 2. Remove intellects bonus to super Regen only in trials so that it doesn't effect the rest of the game. 3. Remove the win requirement for token spending. 4. Remove all large maps that promote passive play from the play list until you can figure out how to do the above mentioned. 5. Add increased drop chances for exotics when going flawless, just like ordeals. 6. Add a round tie feature for when a trade happens. 7. Add adept weapons. 8. Add all items to the loot pool from the engram. Unlocked or not. 9. Add acquisition of xyz number of adept weapons to flawless seal. 10. Add bounties that either allow for specific loot, or random. Similar to D1. 11. Expand on the loot pool. Let's say you add 12 new weapons next season.. Drop 6 at season start, and drop the " secret " other 6 mid season. Providing a reason to play trials past week 5. 12. Add old trials of the nine armor, and ornaments, and weapons into the loot pool as random drops after match completions. They're already in game... Add some random stats on them, and boom. Easy drops that could be implemented quickly. 13. Scaling token rewards rate for wins and card progress with increased tokens from bounties. Casuals may not go flawless, but tokens slamming the vendor to get the armor and guns isnt a big issue. Let them have it. Give us adepts. Win win. The addition of these would make it better in my opinion. We all know these things take time. I'm currently enjoying trials but I wish there was more. I'm not worried about bottom card farmers. If more rewards come to the top half, the majority would migrate away from 3 win resets. Unfortunately there are stat farmers who have 600 wins with a 3.8 KD and 0 flawless. Those are the same kids in every playlist... They'll never go away. If I had to pick 3 that could be added in by next week I would pick. Restriction of passive play. Addition of trials of the nine loot after matches. Adept weapons. Also... Random plug but can I put shaders on my exotic guns please... Ornaments would still be there. For example, I have the white thorn ornament... But what if I wanted it to keep the blue glow but be a champagne rose color? 😍



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