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Some quality of life improvements I would like for sunbreaker.

Hammer of sol (both top and bottom tree): 1. Adjust the time at which the super starts draining in the animation. You can literally be sniped before you complete the animation and lose all of your super because it starts draining much earlier in its animation than most other supers. 2. Fix the super cutting you off mid hammer throw if you run out of super energy. This causes you to miss out on a lot of kills in this super and it gets really annoying in a tight spot because you get cut off even a couple frames before you finish the animation. 3. Increase base duration by 1-2 seconds. It burns through a lot of energy when you attack and the base duration can't always accommodate for the lack of efficiency. The number of attacks it throws out is fine, I just feel more walking room would help it a lot. Top tree: 1. Increase the speed at which a traveling hammer generates embers. This mechanic is a fun one but it needs about 30+ meters of space to generate enough embers to maximize its damage and with certain crucible maps or ad clear encounters not giving the space you need, you end up missing out on full damage a lot or not making much use of the mechanic at all. Middle tree: 1. Fix the throwing hammer tracking. I believe it should lock on to a single target and not readjust itself unless the initial target dies. Having 2 enemies near each other can make the hammer track them both and actually maneuver AROUND enemies at times which is really annoying and it WILL make you miss kills or initial damage (happens a lot in pve). Bottom tree: 1. Add a debuff effect (not an actual weakening effect) that lingers like a burn after an enemy takes grenade damage so that you can proc a sunspot if you kill them. This is a pvp oriented change and the reason why is because the grenades lack of damage makes it very difficult to activate its neutral game at all. So most of the time I only use incindieary grenades because that is the only titan grenade that burns to help you get out a sunspot and the other 2 are completely reliant on killing the target to activate it, which is not very easy to do (especially since fusion grenades have awful tracking and thermite grenades don't work well for clean up kills). So if an enemy took a 2 or so second debuff effect that lets the titan generate a sunspot if they kill them (it should not heal the titan if done this way) it would be so much better. Exotics: 1. Remove the tracking on fusion grenades when ashen wake is equipped. It sometimes doesn't track, but it sometimes activates the tracking of the fusion grenade and it will completely avoid the target you are aiming at because it tries to assist you, which is what you don't want because it quite literally can't adjust itself fast enough to hit the target anyways and it just flies off in a random direction. 2. Fix the sunspots generated while sun warrior is active so that it works with Phoenix cradle when you get non-ability kills. If you have Phoenix cradle equipped, it grants you a support effect and a longer base duration that sun warrior lasts, but any kills not done by abilities while sun warrior is active won't work with the exotic and so you make normal unbuffed sunspots that your allies can't use and that only last the normal duration. I'm not sure if this is a balancing mechanic of the exotic, but it limits its capabilities as an exotic. These are my thoughts on sunbreaker and I hope some of it at least gets looked at by bungie, because a lot of the things I put in here happen way more than they should and it really hurts this subclass at times.



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