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2/1/2020 8:06:41 PM

Become a FOE… join Fierce of The East Star! [STEAM] [PvP 1.5Ka/d+] [21 clans in 1] [Discord required] [2000+ FOES] [18+]

Are you looking for more than your average PvP clan? Somewhere to get those PvP pinnacles, while playing with other PvP sweats. And becoming unbroken in the process? Then come see what [b]FOES[/b] has to offer! ... [url=]Join Fierce[/url] - FOES STEAM PvP Clan From 1 clan, we’ve grown to 21. Spanning across PS4, STEAM and XBOX, and with members from around the world. We’ve built our community, and our gates are open. [u]What’s on offer at FOES?[/u] *[b]Discord[/b]; home to all 21 clans, with 2000+ members there is always someone to talk to, and it’s easy to find the help you need. [It is a clan requirement that members join our Discord, link is provided upon joining] *[b]FOES Sherpas[/b]; a group of FOES dedicated to helping others learn and achieve their Destiny goals. Whether it’s a Raid, PvE quest or reaching rank in PvP, they’re here to help. *[b]Museum’s Weekly Raids[/b]; FOES weekly activity schedule, open to all members to join up, or add their own activity. [url=]Check out our Schedule here[/url] *[b]Skirmish of the East Star[/b]; FOES Annual PvP tournament, starting in February 2020. It’s open to all FOES members, and is time to show off your PvP skills and best our FOES Champion! Shaxx will be watching, make him proud! *[b]FOES Communities[/b]; Our PS4 and STEAM communities offer another platform to join fellow FOES and form Fireteams. Joining information is found on our Discord server. *[b]FOES Social Media[/b]; We are proud of our community, and the awesome Guardians that are our members. Check out our [url=]Instagram[/url] and [url=]Twitter[/url] to see more of their adventures! *[b]PvP clans[/b]; within FOES Community we have 2 dedicated PvP clans, for those more sweaty guardians. If you have a Ka/d of 1.5 or above, they’re the place for you. For PS4 [url=]Join Frenzy[/url] and for STEAM [url=]Join Fierce[/url]. *[b]FOES Newletter[/b]; Subscribe to FOES Newsletter for weekly and monthly updates on what’s going on in FOES. And to be the first to know what FOES have planned! *[b]FOES Merchandise[/b]; We are proud to be launching our Merchandise this Spring. And can’t wait to see our Guardians rocking FOES pride! [u]How to join FOES?[/u] To [url=]join Frenzy[/url], our Steam PvP Clan, you require a [b]1.5 or above Ka/d[/b] You must also be 18+ Not what you’re looking for, check out our other clans [url=]here[/url] We hope to see you soon Guardians... [b]FOES, we’ve all got one![/b] Cheers, MuseumofDragons



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